Time and Transit

You know what irritates me about KL; it’s the location of the airport.

Since I moved in KL, I learnt more about time management. To be on time to the place you wanted to go means you must plan your time from your house door. Believe me, I have had to wake up 5am everyday to get ready to work. 

KL is a very gigantic city with roads huge where thousands cars wheels everyday. You heard about massive traffic jammed in here and how much it worst during holiday seasons or bad weather. Don’t you hate to be late of any appointment or even reached your home sweet home?
Now, KLIA/KLIA2 airport is located in Sepang. It takes more than 1 hour driving to reach the airport. For a person like me who like flying during day time, you must plan your journey wisely. Lets says your flight is at 9.25am, you must be in the airport at least by 7am. 

But how to be early bird in the airport if you depends on public transports that only available at 5am. And your staying far away from the main hub (KL Sentral) to the airport. And lastly, you don’t drive. Enough says.

You know how’s the weather every end of the year. Due to such weather conditions, I prefer to book morning flight to fly. My latest booking of course going back to Sabah. I booked morning flight.

Since it is morning flight and I don’t have chauffeur, I must have proper strategy how to reach airport in advance. I’m too afraid to call GRAB or UBER. You know what I mean, right?

My planned was check in into the hotel nearest to KL Sentral. Duit lagi kan. I found this newly open hotel in town, very closed to Nu Sentral. Lucky me, currently they are having promotion rate .i.e RM99 per night. 

Introducing you the Signature Hotel. My transit hotel, a night stay before flying the following day.

My prediction was right. I woke up at 4.30am and took the KLIA Express train at 5.47am. Voila! I reached KLIA2 at 6.25am. Yes! Early and to be ensure I am not going to miss my flight. So first thing I must do was check in my baggage.

But…you see this….Oh well, I have to be patience. Everyone is exciting about going for holiday.

Now, managing your time to airport as much as important to completing your report. The milestone must be perfectly arranged. If I don’t think the risk of missing my flight, the journey to airport and the last minute change departure gate, I may lost a hundred bucks and time!

Oh dear, I do feel tired.

May God Bless my journey. Amen!



I am flying home again.

How much I miss my hometown very much. I miss our kind-unique poeple, beautiful places, foods, family and friends! I miss everything about you, my Sabah. 😢

But this time the hometrip is not all about holiday only; there is legally mattering to settle. It has been delaying and delay and delay due to ego boldness.

Ah, it’s only a day issue. Stop stressing yourself. You should be glittering while you are in the dark.💖

Therefore, the rest of your day is enjoying myself. Love and Light. 💟

So, what’s up in KK?

I am setting my foot to the Jesselton Artisan Market this weekend and hopefully I bump into my old bloggers friends.

Thus, I see when I see you!

Oh, spot when I will be in KK? 😊

I do not own the photo. But I love this kind of style. Bohemian Fashion. 😉✌


My brand-new laptop was stolen when I was away from home!

This took place many months ago. I was in KK to attend my 30 years school reunions. It was just 5 days away.

When I reached my room in KL, I didn’t see anything amiss. Everything was in order just. Then I realised my laptop bag was nowhere to be found!

That WAS it!

To shorten the story (so you may not get bored), I bought a laptop again. The refurbished laptop that I bought from Lazada. Well, I’m pretty sure you know the quality of second hand laptop, right?

So, it was ready to become one of my history last night! I was about to complete my overdue post and suddenly the laptop stop functioning and black out! Of course, I did try to restart the laptop, but it was too slow to open one document and took more than 10 minutes to access my WordPress account.

Because I’m seriously wanted to go back with blogging, soon I’m going to get (again) a new laptop.

Meanwhile, I used my mobile phone to blog. Blogging via mobile phone sometimes irritates me because it may lead you to typing error. Damn!

Sometimes, the disappointment losing the laptop came in the middle of nowhere. I hate myself for that and yes, I do pray the thief may rotten in hell!

Gosh! What am I saying.

Be back soon…

The memory of my dear laptop. 😭


No, this is not my first blog post. I had the first one back in year 2008 via blogspot. Due to some personal reasons, I stopped writing.

Fortunately, I have the courage to write again after had a conversation with this very outstanding natural beauty person. In other words, she is talented and beautiful person I ever met!

So here I am, returning to blogging world.

I was formerly known as Gorgeous Ramblings. Perhaps two or three of you heard about it. 🙂

Oh-kay, I don’t plan to write longer at the moment for this post but I’m sure I will be back.

Truly yours,

Dark Glitters



Just one conversation, you will definitely feels relieve.

Pesona butiza

fullsizeoutput_43777 days passed without an update.
I had conversations during those days.
Different kind of conversations.

An angry conversation.
It was overwhelmed by the desire to fix but ended up with war of words. It was the kind of talk no one would ever put their interest into it. And me, I preferred silence than a hoo-ha when that conversation happened. I did get the picture for getting into the sullen muteness but I just had to until I was ready to confront. The outcome didn’t really matter when I had the chance to say my piece of mind. After all, what more important is to find the calmness within myself.

A candid conversation.
I met this person only once in my lifetime, it was more than five years ago. I found courage to ask because my instinct said, this person can be trusted and willing to listen. It…

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